UX/ Experience Planner

UX/Experience Planner 35-40K Bristol

Role Summary

The Experience Planner role is about working within a team to understand the objectives of a brief and working with the Planning, Creative and Technical teams to deliver an interactive experience that goes beyond the client expectations:

Outward facing: Supporting the project team in organising and running workshops with our clients and organising and running usability testing with our partners.

Inward facing: Understanding and taking responsibility for your project and knowing who and when to engage to deliver outstanding experiences.

This is a role within the planning team and, as such, requires pro-activity and engagement beyond the pure Experience Planning area. The Experience Planner is expected to be involved in activities and scheduled meetings of the whole Planning department and to work collaboratively with Planners when defining the strategic approach to their work.

Key Responsibilities

Knowledge and Understanding
Experience Planners are there at the start of the project, they take responsibility through to the day it goes live and beyond, they are inspired creatively and are adaptable to each project to ensure it is a success.
They have a solid understanding of marketing and how it is changing in a digital world and this complimented by a natural passion to be at the forefront in the thinking and technical developments of what makes a successful interactive experience.
The insight, user requirements, business objectives and technical understanding are assimilated by the Experience Planner who ensures that they get documented and communicated in a simplistic but thorough way. In addition to producing accurate documentation the Experience Planner is expected to define and run user experience evaluations to ensure that the experience is adapted so it is a success from the day it goes live.

The Experience Planner will take full responsibility for the development of logical site maps, personas, user journeys and wire frames. For testing the Experience Planner will own and support the building of prototypes to test and develop concepts.

At times the Experience Planner will work in a busy and demanding environment, and therefore the ability to remain calm under pressure is essential. They will work on a number of briefs and will require the ability to multi-task on several projects, be proactive and manage time well.

Team work and relationships
The Experience Planner is responsible for building and developing successful relationships with all aspects of the planning and production process. Brilliant work is only achieved when we work well as a team and as Experience Planners naturally work throughout the process they are instrumental in building trust and using their strong interpersonal skills to ensure that all participants of a project work successfully together. In addition the IA must work with the account teams to build trustworthy relationships with our clients and to work collaboratively with our external partners.

The Experience Planner needs to take the responsibility to understand how the success of their work will be measured and to make sure it is a considered part of their work.

Presentation and communication
For the Experience documentation to be a success it needs to be presented well and with confidence, it is important that Experience Planners take responsibility for presenting their work and to ensure they clearly communicate the objective of the experience.

Technical approach
The Experience Planning team often work as a team on projects and it is essential that we have a standard documentation tool which is Microsoft Visio this is often supported by sketches in a layout pad both of which are skills required of an Experience Planner.

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Job Type : Permanent

Location : Bristol

Salary : 35k - 40k pa + Benefits

Date Advertised : 16 Feb 2013

Sorry, this position is no longer available.

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